Wednesday, September 14, 2016

[ Album Review ] Sick Bird - Take Flight

Artist: Sick Bird
Album: Take Flight

"I stay up at night to create what i write,  I feel it inside, keepin' the music alive"

Before listening to the new album "Take Flight" from Northern California artist Sick Bird, I did a little digging to get to know the man behind the music, hip hop emcee / producer Jeff Greene. With humble beginnings in Detroit Michigan, Greene has been writing, performing, and self releasing his music since 2008. Having ten albums under his belt, Greene pulls out all the stops on his newest release "Take Flight". With smooth flowing rhymes, refreshing tenacity, and an impressive array of producers, this album shines from start to finish.

On the standout track "Take Aim, Take Flight (feat. DJ Badminton)", it's nearly impossible not to move to the beat as Greene raps about his past vices and how his passion for writing keeps him on the right track.  "Survival (feat. DJ Smuv)" is the 'fist in the air' anthem, where Sick Bird is the underdog, and we're all cheering him on like Rocky Balboa in the ring with Apollo Creed.

The rest of the Take Flight is the perfect blend of Grime, Trap, EDM, and Hip Hop production. With influences like the Beastie Boys, Biggie, Aesop Rock, and Tech N9ne, there's a little something for every alternative hip hop lover.

...and you're in luck, you can get the whole album right here: Itunes

"Beast off the leash,  fighting til the day I die, fighting for survival"