Tuesday, October 4, 2016

[ Album Review ] Alright Junior - Inhibition EP

Alright Junior – Inhibition EP
Modern Rock / Alternative

Circa Survive, Flogging Molly, Incubus, The Head & The Heart… these are just a few of the long list of bands Alright Junior has shared the stage with. Formed in 2006, this alt rock trio, consisting of, Jace Miller (Vocals, Guitar), Mike Fraclose (Drums), and Jamie Victor (Bass, Backup Vocals), have become one of Philadelphia’s premiere modern rock groups.

Over You Over Me
These gentlemen waste no time diving into this EP. Right away you are greeted by a wall of perfectly balanced guitars and front-man Jace Miller’s robust vocals. “How long will it take me to get over you, and for you to get over me?” I picture Thelma and Louise grabbing each other’s hands, and speeding off the cliff.  Choosing to end the mental anguish instead of continue living in the hopes of time healing all wounds after a bad break up. Can anyone truly put a length of time on the recovery process? “How long will it take to heal?” The band flawlessly shifts moods between angst, and relief of a relationship gone awry.

Out At Sea
Although this song starts off like it might be a happy tune, you quickly discover it has some dark undertones. Ever think you were so in love? Thought of someone so highly, then were painfully blindsided? Jace sings of a life lost out at sea. A life better lived in separate life boats, going completely different directions into shallows of Davey Jones Locker.. “What do you do when your halo slips and scrapes down your spine?” Imagine Wilson from the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away, now imagine if Wilson royally screwed you over. KICK, PUNT, get out of my life, I’d rather live and die alone then spend one more second with a double-crossing beach volleyball. 
Hold On To My Breath Again
Slow to build, this ballad showcases the raw vocal prowess of Miller. Clean guitars overlap as the vocals layer to deepen the mood. The drums storm in, reinforcing the singer’s feelings of longing. Reminiscent of Lizzy Hale’s voice from Pennsylvania heavy rockers Halestorm. This song builds and builds, a haunting climb to the top of the empire state building, to scream from the top. The chaos that ensues is intense and powerful, just like the head-rush of adrenaline before jumping to the busy streets below. 

In Pain
“I've got a heart as heavy as your conscience” Boom. Hard rockin’, this is the band that meets you at the gates of hell. Flames shooting out from the cracks in the asphalt beneath their feet. Miller's gravelly vocals are almost as gritty as his guitar riffs, distorted and full of attitude. The rhythm section kicks in to full motion at the breakdown. Abrubt stops and starts, tight transitions, and a groove that you might find yourself headbanging too.

Into The Sun
*personal favorite* bright melodic guitar layers in with warm bass tones. The calm sincere vocals of Miller pull at your heart strings as he opens the front door into a new day. The hook of this song hits you with a tsunami of sound. Victor and Miller’s harmonies shine so pleasantly here. “The march goes on, straight into the sun” You can feel exactly how they feel in this moment; the undying perseverance, and determination behind these words. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of any musician, songwriter, or storyteller? 

Way to go guys. This EP lets go off all inhibition. It’s dangerously honest, and sometimes raw. Tight interwoven arrangements, a kick-ass rhythm section, and consistently original songwriting gives us a very nice glimpse of what’s to come from Alright Junior.

...you can get your very own copy of Inhibition here: Bandcamp