Monday, October 3, 2016

[ Album Review ] Armada Named Sound - Electronica LP

 "Innovation, diversity, originality, positivity and love" 

These are some of the things Electronic artist Spiros Maus believes in.   Born in Athens, Greece and currently residing in London UK, Maus has been perfecting his musicianship and songwriting his entire life. His newest project Armada Named Sound embraces all aspects of electronic music. Maus's low gravelly "Batman" voice is chilling and driving. Blending perfectly with the smooth, varying layers of female vocalists featured on this LP. Innovative, Diverse, Original, Positive, and full of love, Armada Named Sound's music practices what he preaches. 

Midnight at Metropolis –  The opening track to Electronica LP is driving, chaotic, and utterly enticing. Imagine a helicopter flying through a thunderstorm. Cinematic, and blood pumping, this track is like a scene from a Mission Impossible movie, 

Crush – insane sound effects, think haunted house at 3am, terrifying like walking on a dimly lit street with shadows surrounding you. Strong female vocals by Andromeda S, eerie harmonies, pierce the mix, with a tug of war between good and evil, angel and demonic. Impressive production, simple driving drum beat with layers of synth and vocal effects

Toxinsane – trippy, dark pop goth party on Halloween eve, vocals are silky smooth, serenading a vampire as the sun rises, a siren pulling a sailor out into deep water, a haunting chorus, a back and forth between the growl of Spiros and powerhouse vocals of Marta Karis. A crazy acid trip. Intricate synth layers top this devil’s food cake, red velvet crumbling to the floor. “Leave your body, leave your mind, broken shell, left behind”loving the play on words – you’re just so toxic,so insane “toxinsane”

Life in Lofi – Imagine being a ghost on a crowded subway train, the lights shining in, the cacophony of chatter and tunnel noises, the train in motion, but you’re invisible. The synth-pop wall of sound washes over you as you open up your mind to a new way of living. The song encourages the listener to live life now, “have some poison, have a smoke, live inside a screen” 

I am - *featured track on Bandcamp* soulful, sweet vocals pierce the dark dirty groove as the singer comes back with his ragged, Tom waits, Rob Zombie-esque voice. The mood is uplifting, a brand new day after the most elaborate heist. Driving fast down the highway with a bag of cash floating in the wind, Victory champagne sprayed across the dashboard

NY – tells the story of a woman who went out on the town, and danced all night, smoked, took pills, drank too much, as the song progresses she reveals why she drinks so much, to stop a heartache. Her vices are her medicine. Hints at this being a recurring situation, “sleeping in my neighbor’s yard, I was dreaming when the sun came up, well I drank a little more last night”

       Bittersweet – lush harmonies, two voices you wouldn’t think would fit together that mesh so well “All thrill is to be gone, you spend the night alone. But still you wish you’d feel it, and bittersweet’s the word” So catchy, the cadence of the chorus will get you bobbing you head. Think of you're favorite 80’s anthem, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Dancy, upbeat, with dark tones, and expressions of loneliness…the bittersweet feeling of spending a night alone when you don’t want to.

       White Keys and Black Silk - *personal favorite* harmonies that roll together like raindrops forming a trickle that build into a beautiful water fall. An arrangement that keeps you guessing, Dream like wonderment, “Vain in Silence, Make some noise and still you can’t be seen, Know just why you’re here, Not to be remembered but to Live” ---strong words to live by. Intricate, eerily beautiful.

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