Wednesday, October 12, 2016

[ Album Review ] Nelson King - Is There Something

Alternative / Lo-fi / Rock
Artist: Nelson King
Album: Is There Something

     Nelson King is a alternative / lo-fi rock musician, and multi-instrumentalist from Brighton England. His talent pours over into his guitarwork, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, mandolin, and harmonica playing! A fan of the late great George Harrison, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, and Marc Bolan; King’s latest release “Is There Something” definitely takes influence from the classics.

     His sound can be described as lo fi, alternative rock, with throwbacks to rockabilly, and the occasional alt country vibes. Most musicians today like to talk gear; what I found interesting about Nelson King, was his humble beginnings. King bought his first electric guitar, a modest fender Stratocaster copy, which he bought off his brother’s friend for only $5. These are the stories you hear from rock legends like Johnny Cash, and Bruce Springsteen.

     From start to finish “Is There Something” is a solid, rock steady release. On the first track Is There Something, all I can picture is a man dragging himself down a deserted highway, sun ripping through his black t shirt, no water in sight… waiting for one lucky 18 wheeler to pick him up and take him to the next town. Screeching electric guitars, a moseying drum beat, and satisfyingly smooth vocals drip from this track into the next. 

Why Worry is an upbeat, ode to taking it easy. “Why Worry, Why Worry now”…as if saying everything is over and done, why let any negative thoughts bring you down? Another stand out song from this album “Loving Arms” starts off with a velvety jazz lounge feel. “There’s a right way to loving me, open up your loving arms, let’s do this the right way” A dark windy road through the mountains of West Virginia, King’s sultry vocals swing in and out of the music, leaving you on the edge of your seat, anticipating his next words. 

     With a few albums under his belt, Nelson King is surely a musician to keep on your radar. You can Listen to “Is There Something” in full on Spotify here: