Wednesday, October 19, 2016

[ Album Review ] The YeahTones - Eviction Notice

Artist: The YeahTones
Album: Eviction Notice LP

The YeahTones are a Brooklyn-based rock ’n’ roll quartet led by guitarist/ singer/songwriter / producer Jake Pinto, The band's debut album "Eviction Notice", is a cyclone of energy and punk rock desire. Funneling influences of funk, soul, jazz, and punk; this rock n' roll quartet wastes no time hopping into the scene. 

Eviction Notice, Track by track:

A Real Song – the perfect first track. “Maybe I’ll try to write a real song” Thrashing, stormy, full of attitude, tangible emotions radiate from the lead singer. By the time you get to the breakdown of this song, it’s blaringly apparent this album is going to be an exhilarating ride from start to finish.

What Could I Do – reminiscent of the Black Keys, the guitars come in tenacious and strong.  Vocals that grind your thoughts to a halt. Pinto channels his inner Jimi Hendrix, swinging back and forth out of a reckless drug induced nightmare, exciting choices and transitions, “Won’t You Take Me Home, What Could I Do For You Baby”.

Gene – simmering guitars and jazzy drums build a soundscape, with a phasing puppy growl, the chorus kicks in your front door like the opening scene to Back To The Future. Marty McFly, wide eyed and bushy tailed flying across the room with his electric guitar. Then, like liquid energy, the song transcends back into that washy laundry machine feel.

Find My Baby – funk punk fusion, the new Blitzkrieg Bop, “Oh but I don’t know what to do, If I can’t be with you”. If the room ain’t spinning, the music isn’t loud enough.

Eviction Notice – the title track of The YeahTones debut album, is easily the most experimental, dynamic, and hard hitting song on the record. Meal funk fusion, the beats are trippy, one minute you’re bobbing your head; then the next you’re full on thrashing to the groove.

Want From Me – picture a moose with antlers aflame, chasing you on a river of ice. You’ll either freeze to death or be burned alive, trampled underfoot, run for your life, squealing guitar, and hypnotic drums, slap-back vocals really amplify the building pressure. Fight or flight.

Fallin To Pieces (Personal favorite) - a very subdued warm tune. Snare rolls build the intro, showering the listener with jazzy calm vibes. I picture the feelings of remorse and longing, dreaded breakup over brunch (no dessert, just the check). Chorus rings out “I’m fallin’ to pieces, I’m falling but I won’t look down, I’m fallin’ to pieces, and I haven’t even left the ground” an ode to figuring out your life, the uncertainty in an artistic career, the highs and lows, wild rowdy chorus painting an aural landscape of the downward spiral.

Believe – organs really bring out the 70’s rock n’ roll we all know and love.  beautiful harmonies build throughout this layered tune “All That I Do, I just Can’t Break Through” Everyday frustrations, let downs and disappointments, I’m sure we all can relate. There’s a guitar / rhythm breakdown near the end that really shows how tight this quartet is. Floating seamlessly through intense transitions to portray the emotional roller coaster of Pinto.

It Will End ( Personal Favorite) - a wonderful conclusion to an exciting debut, guitars ring out in syncopation, yet still angelic, vocals swing to the rafters, pleading, pouring emotion out like creamer into coffee, stirring the senses. “Leave Me, Go Find What You Need”

Best of all, You can get a copy of Eviction Notice right here: 

Here's a little more background about The YeahTones from their website: 

The YeahTones came together in 2013, with bassist Doug Berns, drummer Dillon Treacy and guitarist Mike Harlen. Adding a tight powerful rhythm section to Pintos simple yet forceful songwriting, The YeahTones deliver unpretentious rock ‘n’ roll to the hoi polloi.

Pinto sings about corruption, alienation and anxiety delivered on a combo platter of brutality and honesty. “Believe” shows us a dark and authentic portrait of internal longing: “Wish I could be happy in me / but that shit ain’t real / it's not how I feel.” “Find My Baby” tells the story of a forlorn lover hunting for the girl who ghosted him “searching through directories looking for a number I can call my baby at / found a number and I called her up / I told her it was me and she didn’t give a F***”! He evokes the anger inside us all over the injustices of everyday life – keep an eye out for The YeahTones at a rock club near you.