Monday, November 14, 2016

[ Album Review ] GREYE - The Worrier

Artist: GREYE
Album: The Worrier

GREYE is a Progressive Americana band from Daytona Beach, FL. They are made up of four permanent members; Hannah Summer on vocals, Jett Wolfe on guitar and vocals, Josh Reid on the bass and vocals, Ray Grimard on drums and percussion. When touring schedules permit, Ken-e Williams joins the mix on Keyboard and vocals. GREYE has played many stages, large and small, including festival showcases, and songwriting competitions. A big band, with a big sound, we look forward to all that is to come for GREYE. Here's our review of their newest release "The Worrier"


A Little Honesty – An upbeat start to a fantastic album. Bass, organ and electric guitars build and leave space for  vocals, and surf like guitar sways in and out, harmonies help create a powerhouse chorus “What it all comes down to, if you choke, if you’re broke, you come back swinging” Picture yourself strutting down the street like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever on a warm summer night, moving to the beat of this modern R&B rock fusion jam. A song about being completely honest, boiling things down to nothing, and building everything back up from an unwavering foundation.

Tell A Little Lie – Acoustic guitar leads us into this next track, the band adding layers of sound as vocals set in smooth and powerful, telling it like it is, while also telling a little lie here and there. The rest of the band comes in to sing the chorus “Tell a little lie”, as you’re sucked back into the groove. The song continues to build and build, with a vibrant electric guitar solo, flowing synthesizers, all the while the chorus is coming back swinging, each time with a little more force.

The Worrier – “Give me a sign that will stop my heart from aching over that man” a descending groove “they say all wounds heal with time, but how does it heal when it’s not real” strong female vocals reminiscent of Carrie Underwood sing of a love gone awry. Dynamically shifting with percussive acoustic guitar, to electric guitars and heavier drum beats, piano and strings shine at the bridge laying a smooth foundation for the last chorus to bring the lyrics of the song full circle. A woman angry that she ever wasted time and energy “worrying over that man”. While also shedding a bit of honesty, maybe showing that despite everything the feelings are still there ...“I live and I die over that man”

Don’t Lose Your Cool – Deep snare hits, combined with funky lead and rhythm guitars weave in and out between the singers vocals. “The secret is out, do you still want me? I want you” ... “I have been a sinner, I never claimed to be a saint” Seductive, flirtatious lyrics, a conversation between two lovers, trying to play it cool, but find assurance in their mutual love. The harmonies in the bridge, with hypnotic ascending bass riff that drive the whole band. “Don’t lose your cool, the secret is out” One of the finest moments on “The Worrier”, seamlessly transitioning back into the funky feel of the beginning, like a drop of dew rolling of a leaf after fresh rain into the grass below.

She’s Crazy – “a scavenger for conflict” a man always looking for more, and a woman who is “swinging at the fence” saying she’s been knocking at his door since the day he stopped calling. A lyrical story unfolds of past lovers, a man who made the mistake of being with one woman before finding out she was crazy “she’s crazy but I guess you never know”. The pitfalls of love tend to make the best songwriting material. “There’s a sunset in the distance, and a curtain drawing closed”.

Everything – pretty acoustic guitar and piano flow together nicely to start this tune. We are introduced to a male singer, strong, with a subtle rasp quality to his voice. Blending perfectly in harmony with the female vocals. A song about the "What if's?" in life. A rockin’ duet, chilling with honesty. The male singer reassuring and calm with “everything is going to fall into place”, the female singer asking, concerned “what if we fall short”. Warm sustained bass notes round out the last verse, bringing this sweet-natured song to a close.

Solitary Man – things slow down, the mood darkens for a moment, as to reflect the life of a lonely, solitary man. “I have seen him wander, and I’ve peered into his soul, there is no life for the lonely man, and that’s the way it goes” asking the question “is there room in there for me? Solidarity haunts me”. A sad life is no life to share, but they say misery loves company... The bridge builds with some call and response vocals, building synth strings, and tom rolls. A chorus of eerie vocals bring up the intensity, creating an ominous beautiful harmony section.

Tip of the Iceberg - (personal favorite) soft acoustic guitar intro, vocals really cut through the mix, soft and sweet, almost Celtic woman-esque. “Are you sure we’re there yet? I have doubts that this cruel world will bring us back alive, so let me go before you say the words, you’d never know what one question could be worth, I will be here for better or worse, the time before commitment is just the tip of the iceberg”.  The harmonies reach into your chest in an attempt to pull back your rib cage and pull at your heartstrings. A woman in love who is questioning making a big commitment, for fear of losing everything they’ve worked so hard to build. Electric guitar and strings float through the airwaves like clouds out of a typewriter airplane. “When you jump you may not reach the other side”

Use Me (Bill Withers Cover) – Right Back into the groove, they pay homage to the great Bill Withers, with a band so tight and funky, and a rhythm section that can truly hold it down, this feels like it could’ve been their song. Singer’s voice is soulful, sassy, and emotive. Harmonies are the highlight of this cover, perfectly blended and strong, yet subtle. They slay through the breakdowns, showing off their musical chops.

Dirty Work – aggressive beat, and dissonant chords with fast paced lyrics, and warm distorted lead guitar. “This is Dirty work, not a cloud in the sky” vocals switch around with harmonies, highlighting lyrics in the verses and chorus. Sweet, powerful moving vocals. Ooohs, and male / female vocals blended in dark perfection. Like dark chocolate and sea salt.

I, I, I – fun dance beat, swinging cymbals, bass drops out as vocals enter the mix. “I am the subject of every conversation, every word is a freckle of blood boiling under my skin” “What are you going to do with your life, that is what they ask as they’re twisting the knife, why don’t you let me do what I like, I , I , I!” A song any artist or musician can relate to. I think the commonality of choosing to chase a creative career versus say a steady career in sales, or medicine. People live vicariously, and appreciate musicians for their adventurous spirit, but sometimes lack tact when questioning the lifestyle that surrounds those kind of choices. Electric guitar lead is impressive and descending, while still allowing the singer to be the powerhouse and dig into the "I, I, I's" A great progressive pop tune. 

The Problem With Us – Another fun start, the band gravitating to surfy beach vibes. Synth and electric guitar shine throughout the breaks of this song. “The problem with us is, I’m in love with that man, you waited too long I’m afraid” Describing people who don’t pull the trigger, they take too long to court, or don’t give you the attention you deserve til someone else starts picking up the slack. Bass grooves underneath keeping everything flowing and warm. Like falling asleep next to a campfire on a crisp autumn night.

Zombie (The Cranberries Cover) – The last track on "The Worrier" comes from another adaptation of a classic tune! The singer pulls inspiration for the lead singer of the Cranberries, harnessing her falsetto and vibrato, and they reconstruct the rhythm of Zombie to create a slightly different feel. The subtle changes in the percussion and bass does just enough to put their rendition apart from the original. This is a song, similar to Bill Wither's "Use Me" that would do really well live for this band, and as a perk, is a great finale to an explosive, well produced album by a seasoned band. “What’s In Your Head”, hopefully it's this album on repeat. 

Make sure to grab a copy of "The Worrier" for yourself! 

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