Thursday, November 10, 2016

[ Album Review ] Joey Danger - Lust & Vulgarity

Artist: Joey Danger
Album: Lust & Vulgarity

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Joey Danger is a New York City based recording artist, film director, and music producer. He is also a talented graphic artist, and photographer working and collaborating with international models, magazines, and photographing events like New York Fashion Week. He has released 3 EP's over the last 6 years; first in 2006 "Fighting for Dynamics", then another in 2010 "Alive", and most his most recent release "Lust & Vulgarity" this October.  He also can be heard as part of trap/electro-rock duo God Complx with vocalist Marissa Rodriguez.

Lust & Vulgarity is a true work of art. Combining dark flowy undertones, melodic layered synthesizers, cinematic builds, and crisp, deep snare hits and 808 beats, Joey Danger is a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving trap scene. A genre defined for having ominous lyrical content, machine gun like drum beats, and unique vocal styling's altered or pitched down segments to add to the grittiness; Joey Danger puts a new spin on it with his melodic hooks, and songs about lust, and addiction.


Stars – The title track of Lust & Vulgarity will pull you in, and make your mouth water. “I came from the bottom so I got no shame” a song about lust and seduction, exemplified by the music video featuring seductive dancing, space ships, and incredible graphics. The hook “Take me to the stars” will be stuck in your head with Danger's smooth melodic vocals,

Faded – “she’s getting high and feeling low” Danger sings of chasing girls who are broken inside, while also admitting his own brokenness“I’m living a life we’re burning in hell for” the addiction, drugs, shots, reckless, and out of control is the lifestyle of Joey Danger and friends. Slipping away, I’m faded, “the days are long and the nights are cold, you can either sell your body or your soul” A song true to the trap genre, feeling overwhelmed and forced to live a lifestyle you can't escape. 

Surrender – Electric guitars and deep eerie synthesizers, ride the wave of the 808. “I surrender” the hook, like surrendering to drug addiction and getting one last high. Danger describes a beautiful woman as a temptress, being sexual, pouring Cognac, and as someone who pretends to understand what he is going through. The last chorus comes in strong like a cannonball shot into the dark sky, reaffirming his anguish and frustration surrendering to the night.

Girls – “I know this isn’t love, but the closest that I get, is staring at her shadow, picturing you’re silhouette”   They say the two things that good songwriters can be motivated by are new love, and love lost. This song pokes a finger at the life of a single man with his heart broken.“all these girls are just girls” . He isn’t looking for love anymore, he’s just trying to heal with sex, but he knows he can only be distracted so long. The struggle is very real.

Lust & Vulgarity – title track – “Do you want love, or do you want lust?” A line that perfectly sums up the lyrical direction of this EP. A beautiful, reflective look inside the mind of Joey Danger. When you've been hurt you know better than to hurt others. When two people are looking for two different things, it can be best to just walk away. This album is a toast to past love, and a slow surrender to a life of lust and addiction.

Watch the video for "Stars"