Tuesday, November 15, 2016

[ Album Review ] Martin Lucassen - The Night Turns to Morning Light

Artist: Martin Lucassen
Album: The Night Turns to Morning Light

Smooth heartfelt pop vocals reminiscent of Michael Buble and singers from the British Invasion, crisp studio quality recordings, and sleek thoughtful production, “The Night Turns to Morning Light” is a pleasant listening experience from start to finish. Marin Lucassen is an adult contemporary pop-rock singer from the Netherlands. Since 2014, Lucassen has been working to create a more professional sound by collaborating with other musicians, and surrounding himself with a team he can trust when it comes to recording, mixing, mastering, and releasing his new collection of songs. Within 8 months, Martin released his first full length album, filled with catchy, upbeat, and lyrically motivated tunes. I’m sure it won’t be long before these songs start to infiltrate your ears on the radio, and start circulating online. Martin has a unique skill of writing memorable hooks, and infectious melodies. This combined with a professional band, and highly arranged backing vocals, really sets the bar high.

Here’s our review of “The Night Turns to Morning Light” 


Come to Me – An exciting energetic start to a great album. “Come to me, I’ll give you everything you need” A song between two lovers, finding happiness and safety in each other’s company. “Open your heart, you can trust me”. Piano, acoustic guitar, and warm harmony vocals bring out the depth behind Lucassen’s lyrics, bringing out the title of the whole collection “The night turns to morning light”

Love You from Scratch – Air tight rhythm section drives this song, laying a solid foundation for Lucassen’s voice. “Words roll off your lips like waves on the ocean, and your eyes were shimmering pools of emotion” very pretty imagery, singing of a love that is solid and very true.

Love Me Right Now – bass and electric guitar come in strong, contemporary rock vibes “kiss me right now, touch me right now, hold me right now, love me love me love right now”. Harmonica shines throughout the song, Lucassen’s vocals are raw and powerful similar to singers from the 60’s like the Beatles. The hook of the song is very catchy, and strong.

Break the Glass – things slow down, the beat comes in slow and powerful “butterfly behind glass, how has it come to this” Lucassen sings of a past lover who has found a new love that may be toxic, and how now he wishes he could help “Gather all your courage and break the glass”

Heart on Fire – probably the most rock styled song on the album, fast paced drums and guitars bring out the energy. “She sets my heart on fire” Impressive electric guitar solo in the middle brings the last chorus in with warm catchy backup harmonies.

What You Mean to Me – acoustic guitar, and bass keep pushing along, as Lucassen sings “Do you know what you mean to me?” begging his love not to leave, trying to remind her what she means to him.

I Love You More – beautiful chorused backup vocals blend with Lucassen’s smooth vocals. Alt-country vibes, slide guitar, and organ sounds really fill out the soundscape, while lyrics chime in “feeling your arms around me, is like coming home, pulls me closer to you, no room to feel alone”

Do You Want Some Love – (personal favorite) upright bass, accordion, and a waltzy beat transport you to Paris on a warm summer night. “Do You Want Some Love, Do You Want Me, Am I good enough to get your love?” Seeking reassurance from his lover, this song paints a picture of a budding romance, ready to take the next step.

Happy Travelers – percussive acoustic guitar, tambourine, and surf rock rhythms start this song, relaxed and upbeat “we’re happy travelers, who want to see and explore, we’re cheerful travelers, who want to feel and adore” a song for the wandering spirit, and the treasures you might find when you explore.

How Will It Be – Lead guitar shines on this track, jazzy and warm, over top a standard rock groove. Lucassen sings about all the different sides of the person he loves. “The look in your eyes, is so wild and free” This is the song you and your date go to hit the dance floor and slow dance to.

These are the Times – Electric guitar blends perfectly with acoustic, dynamically shifting and dropping into new sections. “These are the times, so get going, these are the times, and it’s your life, so spread your wings and fly”. A sweet motivational message about living your life right now, these are the times. Harmonies in the chorus come in and really add to the intensity and power of the hook.

Beauty All Around – “Everything’s so beautiful, I can’t believe it’s real, it’s been such a long time, since I found a need to feel” the last track of this album brings all the messages full circle, wanting to be surrounded by beauty, but still not being fully tied down to a relationship, or other commitments, just enjoying all the splendor of love, and the emotions that come with it. Drums and acoustic guitar drive this tune, floating harmonies bringing out the feelings underneath the lyrics.

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