Saturday, March 4, 2017

[ Album Review ] Camille Peruto - From the Sea to the Sky

Artist: Camille Peruto
Album: From the Sea to the Sky

 Camille Peruto's sophomore album "From the Sea to the Sky" is your road trip's new best friend. This collection of well-crafted songs will take you on a journey through self discovery, chasing your ambitions, and embracing the love around you. "From the Sea to the Sky" was recorded at Firehouse Studio's in Oceanport NJ. It was completely crowdfunded by a successful Kickstarter Campaign in 2016.
Camille has been a staple in the South Jersey, and Tri-state area music scene. When she isn't writing, or in the studio, you can catch her performing nearly every weekend. Make sure to catch her (second) CD release this Saturday at the Kathedral Event Center in Hammonton NJ: Tickets


Crooked Roads - Have you ever encountered melodies that would make ice cream melt? Well now you have. Reminiscent of early Sara Bareilles, with upbeat piano, and cool synth surf-rock vibes. Thoughtful percussive choices, including claps,and  tambourine. While layering in simple bass lines, and endless harmonies that build throughout the song, giving it beautiful depth. "Where crooked roads go, nobody knows"

Biscuit Moon - Very intrigued by the imagery of the title, beautiful acoustic guitar brings us into this song...smooth, calm, patient storytelling. "its not a question baby, i'm not an easy fix"  Singing from a place of a woman, digging deep exploring the world at her fingertips, an old soul speaking from within. The drums are deep and pushing, like a heart beat resonating in a cushioned cage. A late night walk under the "biscuit moon". "Isn't it a funny little world we live in, driven to a soul for reasons we will never know.. and I am on my way home"

Can't Get Away - This song is a slow fiery burn, the chorus comes in like a sledge hammer, blasting through your bedroom wall. Similar to Milky Choice's ambient reggae-esque guitar lines with simple percussive beats. "Oh no say you wont go, say you wont go" the song is the perfect influence of the song  "Sail"  by Awolnation, with strong pop vocals, and Camille's unique vocal inflections. Weaving background vocals, over a dark and stormy landscape. "You can drive all night, but you cant get away from it"

Silent Melody - Silent Melody feels like the new wave of reggae / pop -soul. Mixing in synth-hop drum beats, crunchy electric guitars, and ambient tones floating high in the background, all the while telling a story of two lovers with fun lyrical twists "you're like a silent melody, i can hear the tune, you got me fighting for the key"

Let Go -  Camille is an acoustic powerhouse, completely in her element with this song.  A killer chorus, with a strong hook. "I hear the sirens calling my name, they leave me blinded with great deals of shame, but i'm giving my hope down on my knees". The bridge rings true showering us in a blissful, honest moment right before building right back up with the band into a powerful, hard hitting last chorus.

Sword -  Intriguing rhythms battle throughout this tune, dropping into a trippy medieval beat in the chorus, fitting for the song title. "love is faithful and fair, and we all find it somewhere". Expertly crafted harmonies and songwriting. "don't pick it apart, if you want it its yours, there's a hole in your heart, fill it up with a touch of love" The instrumental outro is a nice touch!

The High Road - (personal favorite)  Acoustic guitar and Camille's voice, is all she'll ever need for a hit record, which is exactly why this song is so amazing. Nothing is out of place, or looked over, each instrument is only added when it adds to the feeling behind the songs. The sign of a good ear, and great team of musicians and production. "Life is like a holiday, it passes fast but always stays in a way, and love is like an open door, that still closes but the light shines above the floor". The chorus is very catchy. The echoing vocal lines around the 2:30 mark are an intricate detail I admire about this song. Patient and confident, this song really shines bright, which allows Camille to sing to her heart's content at the end.

Crazy Crazy Mad - Edgy, with some attitude, you might find yourself tapping your fingers on your keyboard listening to this one. A song about letting go, and letting out all those frustrations with past relationships. Effortless high notes, and catchy hooks "Lets go crazy, crazy mad"

Set Up a Sail - Here we get to hear about a  musician, finally flying from the nest, setting out into the world to tour and find out if they can make the cut, while trying to hold on to the comforts of home. Something so many artists and musicians can relate to. "Set up a sail and direct me with the wind"  
Row Ghost - Imagine dusting off your favorite record, and hearing the vinyl crackling softly as the intro comes in. This song has a strong intro, with a unique guitar effects on the intro lick. a gorgeous song, with a powerful chorus. Peruto sings about the East Coast, and the Atlantic Ocean; Wanting to pay homage to her faithful listeners and family back home. "People say that better days are coming"

Lagoon -  Last but certainly not least, we are met with the eerily beautiful song "Lagoon". It is filled with clever word play, strong hooks and memorable lyrics. Deep crunchy bass / synth float in on the second verse, along with intricate drum parts, and backing vocals floating in like waves. Distorted vocals on the bridge, back into a smooth last chorus built up with all the elements of this great song. A somber, lost at sea feeling that is brings this album to a calming, peaceful close.