Monday, March 13, 2017

[ Album Review ] \’mēk\ - Red Sprite Lightning

Artist: \'mēk\ 
Album: Red Sprite Lightning

          Forget everything you thought you knew about concept albums, because this dynamic collection of songs has redefined the meaning.
          Not only is the storyline totally far out and unique but it’s also familiar and relatable. Songs like “Storm In Your Eyes” will tug on your heart strings in new ways that will cause you to reflect on your own life and the sense of fear we’ve all felt when embarking on new chapters in life.
          If Coheed and Cambria paints a picture with their music, Mek directs an IMax 3D movie that draws you in from start to finish. 
 Aside from creative excellence, this album has incredible definition in tone. From the heavily influential drum beats and guitar riffs, to the atmospheric synths and sound effects, you get the full experience of being a wanderer in outer space longing to come home.

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(Contributing Writer: Matt S. )