Thursday, March 30, 2017

[ Album Review ] Moo You - #IAMMOOYOU

Artist: Moo - You

     Moo-You is a hip hop artist, songwriter, and producer from the longhorn state, Texas. On his latest album "#IAMMOOYOU" we go on a journey through heartbreak, reinvention, and the never-ending climb to success with art.

     His songs range in emotion from angry and bitter, to proud and determined. A strong powerful voice pushing through the struggles of everyday life and relationships with women and the fighting to stay positive when surrounded by negativity.

     Mixing deep snare and hi-hat patterns, over ambient piano, and synth tracks, Moo- You blends trap with smooth r&b music. Vocals sing sweetly in unison to create big catchy hooks in the chorus's of "Feeling You", and "Such a Beautiful Thing".

     On the last track of #IAMMOOYOU we are left with an overwhelming feeling that things are looking up for Moo-You as he sings about not letting anyone get you down. " know what they say about apples, and how they don't fall from the tree? Started out a product of my environment, now my environment is a product of me".

Make sure to listen to #IAMMOOYOU in full below and follow Moo-You on twitter @iammooyou