Tuesday, March 28, 2017

[ Album Review ] ZGRT - HARD POWER

Artist: ZGRT

HARD POWER is the latest LP by Brooklyn based Dance / EDM group ZGRT. It's here to cast a hypnotizing groove spell on you, while also opening your eyes to the state of politics in the US.

Songwriter and producer Zachery Allan Starkey, and his latest musical project ZGRT are making waves in the underground electronic music scene in Brooklyn.

In late 2014, ZGRT came to life after an opportunity to use the personal recording studio and equipment of DFA's Gavin Russom was offered to Starkey. (Gavin Russom: Black Meteoric Star/LCD Soundsystem/DFA Records).

Combining elements of Dance, techno, and electronic music, Starkey blends striking lyrical imagery, with hard hitting techno beats and pulsating bass and synth grooves. ZGRT's HARD POWER LP is 8 tracks of pure EDM gold.

Starkey's vocals range from dreamy and observational on tracks "Kiss the Camera" and "Technocrat", but then quickly escalate to powerful and aggressive on "Black Angel", and the album's title track "Hard Power".  Starkey wastes no time shaking through feelings of political complacency while also raising his voice to challenge the way America portrays beauty and obedience through the media and government.

Bass Lines drive each song, powerful and direct, pulsing like the heart of a sprinting gazelle.
The rhythms are kept strong and simple with deep snare hits, and layered with fast hi hat patterns.
Combining elements of Trap, Synth hop, and dungeon vibes, you might have a hard time not dancing listening to these songs.
His lyrics go deep into the current political climate, commenting on America's stance among other nations, and the heavy hands that deal the blows to the American people, and constant surveillance.

"Kiss the camera for me baby, you're going to be a star".

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