Saturday, March 25, 2017

[ Interview ] Get to know Philly "Wonder Woman" Kat Stein!

Meet Kat Stein, the "Wonder Woman" of the Philly music scene. Kat is the keyboardist for alternative rock band Sonnder, and also plays keys and bass lady for soulful singer - songwriter Keely Sibilia. When she's not performing you can find her behind the bar at local Italian Market venue Connie's Ric Rac, She is also a full time nanny, music teacher, and human rights activist with a wicked sense of humor.

How do you take your coffee, tea? (or hey, whiskey!)
Okay get ready for a long answer. 

Coffee: if I’m at Dunkin (no thanks yikes), black iced coffee with mocha. Pretty much anywhere else it’s cream and sugar BUT if I’m at Starbucks it’s almost always a tall soy caramel macchiato with an extra shot of espresso because who follows rules amirite???

Tea: just tea plz

Whiskey: yes.

- Sounds like you're channeling your' inner Pat Benatar at Starbucks, and the bar. "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". 

In this ever changing political climate, do you feel inspired to write, or do you feel overwhelmed?

I felt overwhelmed for about a month, then I became inspired. My friend Gianna Lozzi and I recently started a band/project called Someone’s Daughters. We are organizing a series of fundraisers called United Anonymous in which we round up performers, visual artists, sponsors, and pretty much anything else you can think of to raise money for different causes. Our first event is March 25th at Connie’s Ric Rac and it is titled “United Anonymous for Planned Parenthood.” Very excited to be doing something to stand up for what I believe, and to be playing (and soon, writing) with someone new!  
- Wow, that's amazing! (Check out the event page, and poster below the interview)

Who were your 3 biggest musical influences in high school?

Oh jeeze. Fall Out Boy, John Mayer, and The Rocket Summer.
- high school was all about the feelings, and a young handsome John Mayer. high fives!

Who are your 3 biggest musical influences right now?

Eisley, Bon Iver, Good Old War
- gotta say, been listening to "22, a million" on repeat this whole year. Eisley! yes. Love that you're influenced by the local indie folk rockers from Good Old War. 

Have you always lived in Philadelphia?

No! I am from Vancouver, Washington. I lived in the same house until I was 18, then I moved to Philly to for college (o hai uarts) and have subsequently lived in many houses in this city.  
- that is a pretty incredible commute, we're lucky to have you on the east coast! hopefully it rains less here

If you had a friend come from out of town wanting to see the city, where would you take them first?
Oof the number of times I have had to think about this is pretty impressive. I always feel like I should show people the historical parts of the city first, but last time a friend visited the first place we went was Shake Shack because like…food. 
- food first. then a run up rocky steps... depending on how much food of course. 

What’s your favorite song you’ve ever written? ( and why?)

Definitely the Sonnder song "Pink". I didn’t write the melody or lyrics, but the instrumental I wrote/the song in general feels very emotional to me in a way that nothing else does, and I’m probably the most proud of that final product than any other song. It’s also one that we haven't gotten to play live yet, so that probably makes it more appealing to me.

- a beautiful intimate journey, go ahead, press play!

Anything you’d like to share with us? (Upcoming shows, singles, projects, fun facts

My band Sonnder is playing at the TLA on May 20th! We will also be releasing a single this spring, and hopefully an EP later in the year. 
Also, like I said my new project Someone’s Daughters is organizing (and playing at!) a Planned Parenthood benefit show on March 25th at 2pm.  FB Event Page
Fun fact: Starting on January 1st of this year, at the end of every day I write down one thing that I am grateful for in my journal and it has improved my general happiness and appreciate for life probably 2 million percent.

- Congrats on your upcoming show at the TLA this spring! We look forward to hearing new music from Sonnder, and seeing more events from "Someone's Daughters". Love what you're doing in the philly music community, the United Anonymous Benefit for Planned Parenthood is definitely an event not to miss!