Monday, March 20, 2017

[ New Music ] SWEET EUREKA releases 2 new tracks

     Earlier this month the guys from Sweet Eureka hopped in their cars and drove to a secluded cabin in the Virginia Woodlands. "The plan" was to take one vehicle to fit 4 people, recording gear, amps and instruments to lay down some new high-energy tracks. Two full SUVs later, and a pile of gear left behind... they were setting up shop in their nature hideaway, planning out the best acoustics and mic placements to record. Assisted by friend, and talented recording engineer Chuck Jopski (Studio 740 Sound), they captured some rock n' roll magic.

     Using the band's high octane performance style they recorded these songs live, with top of the line equipment. Jamie's Growl and "in your face" vocals, soaring high over Pat's thunder grooves, and jungle vibes. matched by Ari's hard hitting rock steady beats. Victor's guitar playing sets a new standard for the Philly music scene, stealing influence from Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Prince, and more.
     Fueled by strong coffee, and even stronger whiskey... get ready to shake the artwork off your walls.
Listen loud to Sweet Eureka's 2 new songs "Nervous Breakdown" and "Soulless"here:

Watch the short documentary of their "Lost Weekend" sessions here:


S W E E T   E U R E K A   I S:

JAMIE VICTOR  Vocals, Guitar
ARI MILLER  Drums, Vocals