Thursday, April 20, 2017

[ Album Review ] Hooyoosay - Mountain Air EP

Artist: Hooyoosay
Album: Mountain Air EP

     Don’t be surprised if you feel inspired to quit what you’re doing and take a crack at that thing you never thought was possible before. Hooyoosay has brought together a fascinating arrangement of styles into something entertaining, and unique.

Track by Track

Mountain Air - The first song of any EP is important. And this album opener is no exception. It sets a clear expectation for the musical journey that’s to come. Fun synth beats, with layered harmonies, and surf-like guitar lines shining between the verses. Vivid imagery of a peaceful mountain retreat, fresh air, camping, mountain biking, and basking in all the glory of what nature has to offer.

My Lucky Dream Day - This instrumental interlude combines sounds you thought you forgot about, and turns them into into a masterpiece you’d never expect. The song title says it all, you’ll find yourself daydreaming about a tropical paradise, probably in 8-bit Nintendo graphics.

Done Our Best - The music that backs the lyrics of this song is the type of tune that will get these words stuck in your head. And good thing too, most people need the sort of encouragement found in the articulation of this score. Smooth synth pads, percussion, electric guitar, and strong male and female vocals sing in perfect harmony, creating a utopia of pleasant melodies.

Complicated - Originally written by Mick Jagger, and Keith Richards, Hooyoosay pays homage to a classic tune about a complicated woman. What would an album be without a ballad? Keeping true to their quirky, electric, folky, sophisticated sound; this finale brings you right where you want to be, after a journey through sounds unlike anything you’ve heard, it’s nice to come down with a soft spoken reality that’s familiar, but still echoes the vibes of the new.

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Contributing Writers: Matt S., Jeanette B.
Spring 2017