Tuesday, April 4, 2017

[ Album Review ] Kelly Vaughn - 10,000 Charms

Artist: Kelly Vaughn
Album: 10,000 Charms
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     Kelly Vaughn delivers a satisfying collection of contemporary Christian songs on his latest record "10,000 Charms". With a sound described as "pop-rock with a positive message and great blues solos", we couldn't agree more. Musically the album flows between uplifting rock n' roll,  and reflective bluesy ballads. Simply brilliant blues guitar lines peppered in left and right, along with a dynamic band and great production quality. If you listen closely you can hear influences of gritty soulful artists like Rob Thomas, and Santana. While also keeping up with contemporary pop and modern day music similar to John Mayer and Maroon 5.

     Vaughn's voice shines on the single "1,000 Times Before", with harmonies that tug at your heart strings. "You are my light, you'll save my soul, you'll be my guide when I come to you like I've done 1,000 times before".
     On his song "You're No Good" Kelly sings about a love that went awry. Reflecting on someone who turned out not to be a good influence in his life. Emotive guitar lines in the musical break speak volumes "I took all your pictures off the wall, just to help me get over you, but I've got something you can't touch, I've got my pride, and I've got my six string".
     Vaughn really shows off his guitar chops on "All Nite Long, starting off with a piano, bass, and drums blues groove, with lead guitar sliding through the mix; like butter melting on a hot buttered roll.
     We are brought back down on the last track "Hold Me Close", Kelly takes us to a warm and compelling place, asking someone special in your life to stick around. "Hold me close don't let me go"

All in all "10,000 Charms" is a poignant, uplifting, and thoughtful collection of songs from Kelly Vaughn. With a new band line up, and this album in hand, he's sure to take 2017 by storm.

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