Thursday, September 21, 2017

[ EP Review ] Strange Attractor - Temenos

Artist: Strange Attractor
Album: Temenos

 Earlier this year the Baltimore-based band Strange Attractor released their premier EP "Temenos".  The six members of Strange Attractor; Alejandro, Gino, Glenna, Grace, Jimi, and Scott create an enormous, moving, genre-fluid sound. On their three song EP you are taken on a colorful dynamic adventure that breaks away from the confines of the standard 3 minute pop songs you hear on the radio today. Strange Attractor seamlessly fuses indie rock, with psychedelic pop, along with reggae, art-rock, and jazz.  We thought their music was worthy of a review, and we hope you take the time to give them a listen online, or better yet, at a show! Their EP can be found on Spotify, Itunes, Bandcamp, and other streaming services as well.

Upcoming Shows:
Baltimore MD - November 10 @ The Crown FB EVENT
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“Temenos”: Indie rock undertones, with 3-4 part harmonies, and a rock solid rhythm section, the EP makes a strong debut. Something I love about recordings is not being able to identify certain sounds. That usually comes from a talented band that knows exactly how to blend their instruments. Seven and a half minutes long, but never once did it feel like it was dragging. Enticing at every turn, like a hummingbird hovering over a flower, a constant melody with fluttering instruments and harmonies that move and progress dynamically with the song. Impressive instrumental sections, the electric guitar feature, followed by a strong saxophone lead, transforming back into a heavy guitar break down before diving into a reggae section.
“Coalesce”: Next we take a soothing, yet somber turn with "Coalesce". Imagine wandering through the rain with only the flashlight from your cellphone.Forlorn drum rolls on the snare, with piano and acoustic guitar filling the soundscape..Female vocals come in smooth and jazzy, and become interwoven, almost hypnotic at times.The intricate layers of guitar, piano, and drums builds with synth pads, and vocal "ooh’s". Ending with Rainstick sounds, descending piano, before the beautiful harmonies kick in singing “I need your love”.
“Coagulate”: Bringing this EP to a close, we are greeted with "Coagulate". This song is featured in the band's mesmerizing music video (see below). Entering with an eclectic drum and bass section, guitars and piano layer in adding movement and making room for horns and vocal fills. Male vocals, with layered female harmonies blend and build around the waves of sound and tones that build and crash giving the lyrics life and tangible energy. "Facilitate coagulation, Coagulate Imagination", interesting word play and melodies paint a vivid reggae pop soundscape. A far away island where the only sounds you hear are the birds and the breeze. Waves crashing on the sand like the different instruments and vocal harmonies.

Official Music Video "Coagulate":