Monday, October 30, 2017

[ Album Review ] Go-Go Sapien release "Love in Other Dimensions"

Artist: Go-Go Sapien
Album: Love in Other Dimensions
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  Go-Go Sapien is a psych- pop band from Melbourne Australia. The current line up of band members includes Will Hindmarsh, Emily Jarrett, Cal Walker, Iain Wilson, and Kalon Salter. Their music is influenced by post punk, surf music, and sci-fi film scores. In 2006 the band formed under a different name, The Great Apes, and performed extensively in Melbourne before releasing 2 albums, "Merman" in 2009, and "This Body is Wrong For Us" in 2011, through Popboomerang Records. Their live performances have been described as "visually dynamic, energetic and theatrical - characteristically featuring outlandish matching uniforms and live film projections." Go-Go Sapien have just released their latest album "Love in Other Dimensions", recorded in Northcote at Tender Trap Studios through Headquarter Records. Let's take a listen.

         On the intro track "The Imaginary Man" we are taken through the wormhole from our everyday reality, into a wildly vivid, sonic dimension full of layered synthesizers, organs, and effects. Things get sentimental on "Truth-Dare-Torture" , delayed snare hits, and deep heartbeat sounding kick. A heavy cloud of synth and organs, with vocals singing over top,  "To think of a live without love, what exactly were you dreaming of?". Vocals shine throughout the record, occasionally featuring female vocals as lead and adding harmonies. Reminiscent of the late David Bowie, and his alter ego "Ziggy Stardust".  the main singer's voice is crisp and focused, delivering powerful imagery of galactic proportions.
         Some other stand out tracks on the album are the punk inspired tune, "Winona", and the surf rock vibes of "Feel the Spirits (Juju Surf)". It's hard not to imagine sitting on the beach of another planet, red sand, green ocean waves.. the distant sounds of people talking and waves crashing while listening to this song. Overall, the entire collection is a beautiful work of art.  Listening to "Love in Other Dimensions" is like talking a walk through a museum. You will find yourself stopping to admire things about each piece, sitting down to reflect and connect with some, while also taking mental notes of others to go back to when you get home.

The best thing is... you can get your own copy of "Love in Other Dimensions" on their bandcamp, available now!