Monday, October 2, 2017

[ Video ] NJ Pop Singer-Songwriter Marc Ambrosia releases Debut Music Video

Marc Ambrosia
"Let Me Be Your Secret"
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          New Jersey artist, Marc Ambrosia. Marc is a 22 year old singer/ songwriter who began writing songs at age 15 after the loss of his mother and then the loss of his best friend just 6 months later.

          Born and raised in Clayton, NJ, Marc has been singing since age 5. Beginning with performing gospel music, Marc later ventured into rock music and now he’s diving into more natural territory with pop music. He’s also managed to bring his gospel trained vocals into the mix, making for a fusion of pop and soul in his latest 11 songs, which he’ll be releasing one by one over the next year. One song that’s already been released is “Let Me Be Your Secret” and just last week, Marc released his debut music video for the track.

          Able to cut deep with lyrics and captivate with soul, Ambrosia is proving he's pop music's best kept secret. in an industry that focuses on tabloid rather than artistry, Ambrosia is committed to taking the high road. "It's always disheartening to hear a kid say they want to make music and become a star," Ambrosia explains, "for me, it's never once been about hoping to take the world by storm and become superstar famous. It's always been first and foremost about telling beautiful stories and making great art."

          Ambrosia has a talent for writing catchy melodies, and a great ear for pop production. "If courage be the strength of love, fear shall be it's promise", Ambrosia sings of fighting past hesitation and fear of losing at love. In his debut music video we are taken on a journey of discovery through a crowded college party, a sunny forest walk, dancing on the rooftop in the city, and on a train headed back to the same party where he first sees the girl who inspires his 'secret' smile.

Take a moment to check out Marc Ambrosia's Official Music Video for:
"Let Me Be Your Secret"
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