Friday, November 17, 2017

[ Album Review ] Holy Holy Hollywood releases 4th album "Greentexting"

Artist: Holy Holy Hollywood
Album: Greentexting

          Holy Holy Hollywood is a psychedelic / synthpop band based out of Austin TX. The Austin music scene is bursting with eclectic, and rock heavy groups, all channeling their uniqueness in the hopes of being heard on a national level. Holy Holy Hollywood doesn’t have to go far to show off their diverse sound.           
          Founded in 2009, they describe their band as “From east to west to center. The music”. Their discography includes 4 releases, “Western Cycle”(2009), “Song for a Mermaid” (2012), “My Digital Love”(2014), and their 2017 release “Greentexting”. Today we are listening to “Greentexting” in full.
Track by Track
1) “The Rendezvous” - Spacey synth with lots of moving layers float above a captivating chill-out drum beat. On top of the mix features hot lead guitar cutting through in heavenly waves. In the middle, the vocals sit perfectly, laid back and crystal clear. Deep below the song’s surface swims a warm intricate bass line. “I’m sick of waiting for another day, i can’t control these feelings here to stay”
2) “Based” - Our ears are drawn in quickly with stereo panned syncopated synthesizer sounds. Things escalate with light and airy string pads and the subtle distant sound of wind-chimes. Guitar, bass, and vocals drop in at the same time telling a story of a journey, whether it be drug-induced, or naturally euphoric. “Are you based, let me know, are you based, let it show”.
3) “Runabout” - This song begins with uptempo drums under swirling synth and melodic electric guitar. It feels like getting lost inside an arcade video game, bright and technicolor, wandering with no expectations, taking all the beauty in. Later in the song the drums break away into chopped, 80’s-esque reverberated beats, before dropping back into a straightforward groove with guitar and bass.
4) “Not a Violent Crime” - A soundscape straight out of the show Stranger Things, eerie but bright and inviting. Tambourine and drums drop into a eclectic beat, and come back in during later sections. Guitar mimics the melodic vocal lines, bass simple and steady, keeping things in the rhythm section airtight. Vocals are infused with loving tones, endearing and hopeful, as if falling in love was as simple as waking from a dream. “Love’s not a violent crime when i’m with you”
5) “Searching for a Light” - The last song on the Greentexting album, “Searching for a Light” features even more atmospheric, heavenly and melodic vibes. Synth organ and horn-like tones come in and out playfully with bass and electric guitar. Tambourine is constant and in perfect time with the drums, vocals drive this song home, passionate and contemplative. “I’ve been searching for a light... I’ve been searching all my life”

Overall, Holy Holy Hollywood’s fourth release “Greentexting” is a beautifully crafted collection of psychedelic songs revolving around love, and soul searching. These 5 tracks sit together like birds on a wire, each with their own perspective on the world around them, while always coming back to roost at the same spot. We look forward to future releases from this Austin TX band, make sure to check out the album on Holy Holy Hollywood’s bandcamp below: