Tuesday, November 14, 2017

[ Album Review ] O.D.D. release "The Disorder" EP and new VIDEO!

Artist: O.D.D.
Album/EP: The Disorder
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          O.D.D. is a heavy, melodic, rock n' roll band based out of Atlanta Georgia. The band was formed in 2013, with members "Gunny" on bass and vocals,  "The Muffer" on drums and vocals, and "HDS" on guitar, and vocals. Their music is heavily influenced by arena rockers like Black Sabbath, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, and Rush; featuring explosive drums, pounding bass, and melodic rock vocals over heavy guitar riffs. On the band's latest EP, "The Disorder" we are quickly thrown into the lion's den, and forced to fend for ourselves.
          The first song on O.D.D.'s EP takes a shot at our current political climate in the US. Where everything you've ever known can be signed away with one "Executive Order". Rolling beats on the toms, powerful crashing symbols dynamically shape this song, with bass and electric guitar hanging tight and punchy, lead guitar breaking away into an intense solo. Lead vocals go back and forth between slightly distorted, and crystal clear with an epic harmony accompaniment.In a way signifying the good versus evil, or right versus wrong that our political landscape is facing today in the US.  "You can try just don't disagree, if you do we will make you see, with a pen sign your rights away, executive order".
          Next we are met with "Label Killer", starting off with dark, crispy distorted riffs on guitar, and ghostly pinch harmonics. Vocals soaring in, "Well you got this silly notion that you're always right, just like nothing, ever happened, try to come back, not this time" , describing a toxic relationship gone off the rails, and seeing people as they really are. The rhythm section is solid, the drums and bass in perfect synchronicity, allowing lead guitar to flourish between verses.  
"Loud Fighter" is the third track on the EP, and on the more aggressive rock side, up tempo, channeling an inner fighter, learning to fight for what you want in life, and to fight loud. The chorus features melodic guitar lines complementing the vocals, driving the song home. "Sometimes you got to listen to these words, don't take for granted a lesson learned, well it's a tough road, tough road to follow,  just one of life's pills you have to swallow".
          Rounding out this spirited collection of songs, we have "The View". Drums and bass break off into a heavily syncopated beat reminiscent of a song off of Metallica's 'St.Anger' album, called "Frantic", building suspense and creating a driving force that is impossible to ignore. "Everyone can clearly see that your problems lie within, they're not just with me (not with me, not with me. Vocals are powerful and impressive, a combination of Ozzy Osbourne's tone and attitude, with the range of Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy.

          Overall this is a rock-solid release from O.D.D. that showcases their multi-faceted musicianship, vocal prowess,  and songwriting abilities. They add a crisp modern edge to an otherwise classic rock n' roll sound. Make sure to check out O.D.D.'s EP "The Disorder", along with their official music video for "Executive Order" below: