Monday, December 4, 2017

[ Album Review ] Lou Patty releases new EP + video for "Hostile"

Artist: Lou Patty
EP: Lou Patty
Official Website

          Lou Patty is a electro-rock band based out of Holland. The band is made up of Roger Heerink on lead vocals and guitar, Jeffrey Sletering on synths, Stan te Loeke on drums, and Thom Meerdink on bass. In the past, the band used to focus on rap and synth rock as their main genres, but on their latest release, their songs have taken on a modern melodic rock feel, blending in electronic elements, all the while staying true to their 80's and 90's rock influences. The self-titled 4 track EP Lou Patty was recorded at White Noise Studio in Holland, and as a bonus, they've also shared their official music video for the last track, "Hostile". A fine blend of the theatrical energy of Queen, with the headbanging vibes of heavier rock bands of today. Let's take a listen.

          Right away we are greeted with a choppy synchronized guitar riff, in perfect time with heavy hitting drums. The intro track "Minute Of Peace" wastes no time dropping into a dark melodic riff during the chorus.Vocals are sung with smooth delivery, occasionally reminiscent of Red Hot Chili Peppers lead man Anthony Kiedis and his funkier lyrical flow. "A minute of peace, don't know what it means, a minute of peace". On the second song, "Kings And Servants" the hard rocking riffs continue, drums and bass are steady and powerful, keeping the train on the tracks as sparks fly up all around. Vocals shine and cut through the mix with raw emotion, layered at times with beautiful harmonies. A politically charged song seeming to take aim at the government and their hunger to control the minds of the masses. "all I see now, is kings and servants".  Next up we have the super funky jam, "Molly Ray". Bass drops are deep and heavy, like an anchor dropping to the ocean floor. Drums are right in the pocket, boisterous and in your face. Gang vocals and harmonies really bring out the lyrics to this tune. "Molly Ray is on the run, why she left me, what have i done". Strong feature of the synth elements that set Lou Patty apart from other bands in the modern rock genre. This song also has a notable guitar and bass solo like the fuse on a stick of dynamite, ready to explode. Last on the EP, is the showstopper, "Hostile". Guitars, bass, and synth comes together with a unison riff, then shift into a chill-out groove during the verses, shifting again to a lo-fi sound over top a jungle-esque drum beat. When the beat and unison riff drops back in, it gets pretty hard to not dance wherever you are. Overall this EP is the perfect blend of high energy rock, and smooth electronic tones. As a band, Lou Patty is definitely one to keep your eyes and ears peeled for. Who knows where their music will take them next.

Lou Patty's self-titled EP is available online for streaming and purchase on Spotify, and Itunes! 

Watch the official music video for "Hostile" by Lou Patty below: