Monday, December 4, 2017

[ Album Review ] Push Against New Fakes releases "Be Kind" EP

Artist: Push Against New Fakes
Album: Be Kind
Official Website

          Push Against New Fakes is the name of Michele Panf Mantovani's electronic / IDM project based out of Italy. The project began in 2012, and continues to create and share new music into 2017 with their latest collection of songs Be Kind. The EP was released by Laverna (a sub-label of the Italian Netlabel), which has a strong focus on electronic and ambient music. Michele finds inspiration from other artists like electronic group Moderat, producer / actor Paul Kalkbrenner, Apparat (Sascha Ring), German electronic music duo Modeselektor, and the English rock band Radiohead (who notably brought the IDM (intelligent dance music) genre to the US mainstream apex with their album Kid A in 2000). Today we are excited to listen to Be Kind by Push Against New Fakes in full.

          On the first track "Flow[less]", we are lulled into a warm daze as the song builds up and drops into a uptempo looped beat. The song reaches its peak with ambient, heavenly tones floating above the mix. Next we have the darker atmospheric, "Every Single D[el]ay". Large bass drum hits, and vibrant sustained tones dance around the dubstep-like beat. Vocals weave in and out of the rhythm creating a subtle intensity with each new layer added. As the song progresses it becomes interesting to try to differentiate the vocal tones from the instrumental sounds and synthesizers. On the third song, "A Lullaby For No One" things pick up in tempo. Male vocals sing intermittently with a frenzied passion. The next track, "Drifting", it feels like we've been sucked inside a mega-computer. Electricity bouncing between microchips, light shooting onto large displays. The drum loops and delay / echoed effects are powerful, and beautifully subtle at the same time. Rounding out this record, we have "Breathe", a beautiful song featuring
Barbara Anconelli as a co-writer and vocalist. We picture Alice and Wonderland falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, braving a new world full of ultra cool tones, and intricate moving drum parts.

          Overall, Push Against New Fake's release "Be Kind" is an wonderful tribute to the electronic / IDM music genre. Combining thought out layers of synth, intricate rhythms, along with ambient tones and vocals, they create a stand out sound that transforms each song into a tangible emotion. Make sure to follow them on social media, and stream / download their latest release "Be Kind".