Thursday, July 26, 2018

[ New Music ] "Hollows" the exciting new release from City Mouth!

Artist: City Mouth 
EP: "Hollows"

Bandcamp via Take This to Heart Records

A pop punk/indie rock/pop band from the south suburbs of Chicago. (Evergreen Park, IL to be exact.)

This five piece draws influence from bands like Taking Back Sunday, Ellie Goulding, Glen Hansard, Jimmy Eat World, and The Wonder Years. 

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City Mouth Facebook Page

          "A changing of seasons can often feel like a personal reinvention, specifically the transition from Winter into Spring. The cold, harsh winds of Winter come with a lot of heft; you've trapped yourself indoors for nearly three months and everything around starts to slowly die as you pine for an escape by any means necessary. You're forced to reflect on personal traumas and the twisted thoughts that like to wait until the darkest, coldest nights to rear their ugly heads and torment you until you feel like you might just break. It's in those moments that you search for even a sliver of light -- something bright to cling to, and something that makes you feel both understood and accepted, and nothing has done the trick better than the iridescent pop music of Evergreen Park's City Mouth. 

          On 'Hollows,' City Mouth offers a kaleidoscopic view of the human condition; focusing mostly on the importance of learning to pick yourself up off the ground and continuing to move forward after being anchored down by personal trauma for what might feel like a lifetime. This comes to a head on songs like the ambitious opener "Lay Awake." The sing-song cadence of the first verse feels playful and full of a youthful energy that contrasts the feelings of jaded bitterness that make up the lyrical content -- the track sees horns that give way to synth and a chorus that ensure listeners that "You are not alone when you lay awake." And again on the brutally honest "Body and Blood," which wastes no time taking listeners to the plunging depths of personal trauma and broken faith, as communicated by the lyrics "Will fear of God send me to heaven?/Or am I gonna need something more?/Because I've been terrified from the beginning/I just wanna know what I should prepare for/The Bible hasn't given me comfort/I was baptized on a bedroom floor/where I taught myself this feeling was my fault/and I don't want to feel the shame anymore."

          The EP, which was produced by Dan Lambton of Real Friends and engineered by Dave Knox of Real Friends and AJ Khah of Sleep On It, sees City Mouth wanting to help you to move forward from the depths of personal plaguing, inviting you to revel in the jubilance of early Spring as waves of synth and horns swell around flawless vocal melodies and songwriting poignant enough to make the middle of April feel like the breath of fresh air that kickstarts life anew."

- via City Mouth / Bandcamp

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

[ New Music ] Leah Capelle latest single "Docs" promotes self-love while overcoming insecurities

Artist: Leah Capelle
Song: "Docs"

          Leah Capelle's music is a modern blend of pop and melodic rock all revolving around her captivating lyrics. Originally from Chicago, this award-winning singer-songwriter has been studying music and performance all of her life. Leah attended The North Shore Music Institute, Berklee College of Music in Boston, and is currently majoring in Music Industry at USC Thornton School of Music on the west coast. She made the big move to Los Angeles for school, and the opportunity to work on music with Grammy winning producer Jeff Bova (Celine Dion, Blondie, Meatloaf). When she's not recording, or performing in the LA area, she tours with her live band along the coast, and at showcases like SXSW in 2015 and 2016. Today we are taking a listen to her latest single "Docs" from her upcoming EP Joshua.

          Right away we are drawn in by Leah's sultry polished rock vocals. Heavy guitars chug along with driving drums and bass rounding out their huge sound. Vocal harmonies layer in throughout the verse and into the chorus. Production and overall recording quality is on point, with great dynamics between sections, and a diverse blend of melodic instruments. Vulnerable, and honest, Leah sings about her struggle with finding her identity through material things like leather jackets, new boots, hair cuts, and expensive cocktails.  As the song progresses she goes into detail about the emotions attached to these price tags, and how she doesn't feel good about herself unless she's looking her absolute best. "Going through my closet, trying on my clothes, thinking if I can find something stylish I’ll feel better, I think I’ll get a haircut, find a fresh new look, maybe if I just chop all my hair off I’ll feel better".

          A relatable song that will surely pull on the heartstrings of anyone whose struggled with insecurities or tried to make their way into a new crowd of peers. At the end of the day, Mark Twain said, "it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog".. and we think Leah Capelle has more fight than anyone in the ring. With a serene vocal presence, a contemporary songwriting skill-set, and a dynamic live band and producers working behind the scenes, Leah Capelle is a star on the rise.

Check out more from Leah Capelle on Spotify:

Monday, December 4, 2017

[ Album Review ] Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders release "Greenbah"

Artist: Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders
Album: "Greenbah"

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders are a alternative country band based out of Australia. Today we are listening to their latest release, Greenbah. Billy Roberts is a wonderfully unique vocalist. His tone is a mixture of Tom Waits, and Bruce Springsteen, raspy with raw emotion pouring out of every note. On the album, Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders delivers a sweet sounding full band collection of songs. Featuring drums, bass, guitars and vocals, and occasionally piano and violin, each song packs a punch. Always with a smooth rise and fall in dynamics. While the songs are straightforward in nature, they are also refreshingly free-form, lyrics ramble and snap back to form with ease.

Some stand out tracks from the album include the intro track "Old Friend", which features lyrics about the album's title, Greenbah. A smooth ride from start to finish, the band whisks us away, like meeting up on a sunny Sunday afternoon with an 'old friend'. On the reflective track "Sinner"  Billy sings, "I can't throw the stone at the sinner, cuz I've done the crime time, and time again". They say not to throw stones when you live in glass houses. They also say 'perspective is everything', to one person is a sinner, and to another, they might look like a saint. It's your world view and experiences that can form your opinions on everyday life. On the track, "Little Johnny", the band showcases beautiful violin playing. Last but not least... have you ever met someone you feel like you've known your whole life?  On the last track "Ed's Song" Billy sings about just that, and how the love of playing and listening to music keeps relationships going.

Overall this is a wonderful collection of well crafted songs, and a release that will surely put Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders on the country charts. Don't just take our word for it, check out Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders album "Greenbah" on Spotify!

[ Album Review ] Lou Patty releases new EP + video for "Hostile"

Artist: Lou Patty
EP: Lou Patty
Official Website

          Lou Patty is a electro-rock band based out of Holland. The band is made up of Roger Heerink on lead vocals and guitar, Jeffrey Sletering on synths, Stan te Loeke on drums, and Thom Meerdink on bass. In the past, the band used to focus on rap and synth rock as their main genres, but on their latest release, their songs have taken on a modern melodic rock feel, blending in electronic elements, all the while staying true to their 80's and 90's rock influences. The self-titled 4 track EP Lou Patty was recorded at White Noise Studio in Holland, and as a bonus, they've also shared their official music video for the last track, "Hostile". A fine blend of the theatrical energy of Queen, with the headbanging vibes of heavier rock bands of today. Let's take a listen.

          Right away we are greeted with a choppy synchronized guitar riff, in perfect time with heavy hitting drums. The intro track "Minute Of Peace" wastes no time dropping into a dark melodic riff during the chorus.Vocals are sung with smooth delivery, occasionally reminiscent of Red Hot Chili Peppers lead man Anthony Kiedis and his funkier lyrical flow. "A minute of peace, don't know what it means, a minute of peace". On the second song, "Kings And Servants" the hard rocking riffs continue, drums and bass are steady and powerful, keeping the train on the tracks as sparks fly up all around. Vocals shine and cut through the mix with raw emotion, layered at times with beautiful harmonies. A politically charged song seeming to take aim at the government and their hunger to control the minds of the masses. "all I see now, is kings and servants".  Next up we have the super funky jam, "Molly Ray". Bass drops are deep and heavy, like an anchor dropping to the ocean floor. Drums are right in the pocket, boisterous and in your face. Gang vocals and harmonies really bring out the lyrics to this tune. "Molly Ray is on the run, why she left me, what have i done". Strong feature of the synth elements that set Lou Patty apart from other bands in the modern rock genre. This song also has a notable guitar and bass solo like the fuse on a stick of dynamite, ready to explode. Last on the EP, is the showstopper, "Hostile". Guitars, bass, and synth comes together with a unison riff, then shift into a chill-out groove during the verses, shifting again to a lo-fi sound over top a jungle-esque drum beat. When the beat and unison riff drops back in, it gets pretty hard to not dance wherever you are. Overall this EP is the perfect blend of high energy rock, and smooth electronic tones. As a band, Lou Patty is definitely one to keep your eyes and ears peeled for. Who knows where their music will take them next.

Lou Patty's self-titled EP is available online for streaming and purchase on Spotify, and Itunes! 

Watch the official music video for "Hostile" by Lou Patty below: